Damien Coyne Agri

Contact Details :
Dunmore Road, Tuam, Co. Galway
Tel : 087 6598930
Email : info@damiencoyne.com

Department of Agriculture Approved FAS Advisor.
15 years experience in the delivery of all aspects of Agricultural Advisory Services.

Basic Payment Scheme / Cross Compliance
Dept approved advisor in relation to all aspects of the Basic Payment Scheme, Farm entitlements, Greening, National Reserve, Yong farmer scheme, Sheep Welfare Scheme, BDGP Scheme, Cross Compliance, Nitrates Derogations, Land Eligibility requirements, soil sampling, silage testing service available.

Dept approved planner for the preparation and maintenance of GLAS plans

Nutrient Management Plans
Dept approved planner for the preparation of NMP’s. Every GLAS applicant must have a current NMP. This will set stocking limits and fertiliser limits in line with the Nitrates Regulations.

Commonage Plans
Dept of Agriculture approved planner for the preparation of CMP’s . Every GLAS applicant with commonage is required to participate in a CMP. This will set out the stocking and management requirements for each shareholder in a commonage.

Grant applications for sheds, sheep and cattle handling equipment, low emission slurry spreading equipment, dairy equipment, organic capital investment, tillage machinery, young farmer capital investment scheme. 40%-60% grants available.
Preparation of County Council planning permission applications associated with TAMS applications
Submission of claims for payment.

Carbon Navigator
Preparation of the Carbon Navigator
Submitted through Bord Bia every participant in the Beef Data Genomics Programme and the Knowledge Transfer Programme must have a Carbon Navigator in place.

Knowledge Transfer
Dept Approved facilitator for the Knowledge Transfer Programme

Organic Farming Scheme
Dept approved planner for the preparation of plans for the Organic Farming Scheme

Burren Life Programmes
Approved planner for the preparation of plans in the Burren Life Scheme.